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Year after year, there are reports from experts saying that several million tonnes of waste end up in landfills; in the UK, 15 tonnes of waste goes from our homes into landfills each year. Some of it even ends up in our oceans. So much waste on our planet is not good for the environment at all. And it is definitely not good for ocean life either; all of that plastic is disturbing sea animals’ ecosystems.

We need to keep our planet healthy and strong. The best way to do that is to minimise our carbon footprint as much as possible.

We plan to do our share in helping the environment as well. We are aiming to divert as much waste from landfills as possible.

Thankfully, industry leaders are listening to consumers and reconsidering how they do business so that they have less of an environmental impact.



We also do our part in recycling. If there is something we see during the clean-up that can be reused, we will ensure that it goes to recycling. We understand not all rubbish is actually rubbish; some things can still be reused, repurposed, or have the working parts taken out and reused elsewhere.

The aim is to do whatever we can to reduce our contribution to the 15 tonnes of landfill waste; our services will help you do that as well!